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Predictive Value of Osteoprotegerin for Detecting Coronary Artery Calcification in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Correlation with Extent of Calcification Detected by Multidetector Computed Tomography

[ Vol. 19 , Issue. 6 ]


Sahar Ahmed* and Rasha Sobh   Pages 845 - 851 ( 7 )


Background: Osteoprotegerin (OPG) is a tumor necrosis factor receptor super-family member. It specifically acts on bone by increasing bone mineral density and bone volume. Recent studies have evidenced its close relation to the development of atherosclerosis and plaque destabilization. Elevated OPG level has also been associated with the degree of coronary calcification in the general population and it has been considered to be a marker of coronary atherosclerosis.

Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the relation between OPG levels and Coronary Artery Calcification score (CACs) in Type 2 diabetic patients in comparison to healthy controls.

Methods: Our study included 45 type 2 diabetic patients (mean age 51.7 years; 51.1% male) without evidence of previous CVD and 45 healthy age and sex matched subjects as control. All participants were subjected to full history, full examination and lab investigations. Serum OPG concentration was measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and CAC imaging was performed using non contrast Multi detector CT of the heart.

Results: Significant CAC (<10 Agatston units) was seen in 23 patients (51.11 %).

OPG was significantly high in diabetic patients in comparison to controls with mean 12.9±5.7 pmol/l in cases, and 8.6±0.5 pmol/l in controls (P value < 0.001).

The Coronary Artery Calcification Score (CACS) was positively correlated with age and duration of diabetes. The OPG was positively correlated with age, fasting blood sugar and duration of diabetes. The CACS showed a significantly positive correlation with OPG.

Conclusion: Findings suggested that increasing in serum OPG was consistent with CAC and could be used for the early diagnosis of subclinical atherosclerosis.


Osteoprotegerin, coronary artery calcification, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, multi detector computed tomography, Cardiovascular disease, Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.


Department of Internal Medicine, Kasr Ainy Cairo University, Cairo, Department of Internal Medicine, Kasr Ainy Cairo University, Cairo

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