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The Inhibitory Effect of Some Drugs on Candida rugosa Lipase and Human Pancreatic Lipase: In vitro and In silico Studies

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 6 ]


Talia Serseg* and Khedidja Benarous   Pages 602 - 609 ( 8 )


Background and Objective: Side effects of some drugs may be useful in certain cases. In this work, we studied the inhibitory effects on Lipases of some medications as: Folic Acid which is taken by pregnant women, Colchicine and Febuxostat which is used as treatment of gout disease. These cases are linked to obesity, where women (BMI ≥ 30) have twice higher odds of having an NTDaffected pregnancy than the normal weight women, and the Gout disease frequently occurs in combination of a Metabolic syndrome. The risk of gout increases with the increase of the mass index. In silico studies were aimed to determine the mechanism of inhibition and different interactions for two enzymes: Candida rugosa lipase and human pancreatic lipase.

Methods: In the first part of this study, we studied the inhibition activity of these medications on lipase activity of Candida rugosa in vitro. Autodock vina was used for molecular docking with 50 runs and 1000 obtained solutions. The saved interactions were with His449 and Ser209 for the three molecules.

Results: The results show that these drugs have an important inhibition activity with IC50 values 0.64 mg/ml for Folic acid and 0.66 mg/ml for Febuxostat. The results of in silico show competitive, Noncompetitive and uncompetitive inhibition for folic acid, febuxostat and colchicine respectively for two enzymes with different repetition ratios of hydrogen bonds.

Conclusion: These observations support a higher intake of dietary folate, and febuxostat for losing weight to decrease NTD risk and prevent hyperuricemia and recurrent gout attacks.


Inhibition activity, candida rugosa lipase, pancreatic human lipase, molecular docking, acid folic, colchicine, febuxostat, NTD, Gout.


Laboratoire Des Sciences Fondamentales, Université Amar Telidji, Laghouat, Laboratoire Des Sciences Fondamentales, Université Amar Telidji, Laghouat

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