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Assessment of Irisin, Adiponectin and Leptin Levels in Patients with Schizophrenia

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 2 ]


Gamze Erzin*, Canan Topcuoglu, Vahap O. Kotan, Senol Bayram and Kostas Fountoulakis   Pages 163 - 169 ( 7 )


Background: The patients with schizophrenia are at increased risk for problems regarding metabolic parameters due to their lifestyle and antipsychotic treatment.

Objective: In this study, we aimed to evaluate the levels of adiponectin, leptin, irisin in patients with schizophrenia who were nondiabetic, nonobese and under antipsychotic treatment.

Method: 5 ml sample of venous blood was collected from each participant. Blood cells were separated from the serum. The serum samples were stored in a -80°C freezer. Biochemical analyses were performed on these samples. Adiponectin, leptin and irisin levels were measured by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay method.

Results: The study included 88 subjects. Of them, 44 were patients with schizophrenia and 44 were healthy controls. There were no statistically significant results when the c-reactive protein, adiponectin, leptin and irisin levels were compared between the schizophrenia and the control group (p>0.05).

Conclusion: In our study, adiponectin, leptin and irisin levels in patients with schizophrenia did not present a statistically significant difference from healthy controls. Therefore, there is a need for studies including more participants to investigate the level of irisin in patients with schizophrenia.


Adipokine, adiponectin, antipsychotics, irisin, leptin, metabolic syndrome, schizophrenia.


Psychiatry Department, Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Biochemistry Department, Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Psychiatry Department, Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Psychiatry Department, Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, 3rd Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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